Cost of gynecomastia surgery

MACS fee guideline for Gynecomastia procedure:
Procedures/Conditions Prices From (£)
Gynecomastia only Liposuction 3,900
Gynecomastia only Liposuction 2,000
Gynecomastia with Liposuction + Open Excision 4,500
Nipple Reduction – one side 950
Nipple Reduction – both sides 1,450
Inverted Nipple Correction – one side 1,000
Inverted Nipple Correction – one side 1,500
Inverted Nipples – Both Sides 1,500
Inverted Nipples – Both Sides 2,000
Price guide for other procedures available at MACS clinic:
Procedures/Conditions Prices From (£)
Mini Abdominoplasty 4,550
Lipoabdominoplasty (only limited liposuction) 6,100
Lipoabdominoplasty (liposuction flanks and abdomen) 6,850
Alar Base Reduction 2,000.00
Alar Base Reduction 2,500.00
Armlift/Arm Reduction/Brachioplasty 3,500
Armlift/Arm Reduction/Brachioplasty 4,500
Blepharoplasty – Upper 2,000
Blepharoplasty – Upper 2,500
Blepharoplasty – Upper and Lower 3,500
Blepharoplasty – Lower 2,800
Body Lift – Total Lower Body Lift 7,900
Botox 150 for 1 area, 50 for an additional area
Breast Augmentation 4,050
Breast Augmentation with anatomical implants 4,550.00
Breast Augmented Mastopexy/Uplift 6,000

GA = General anesthetic, LA = Local anesthetic, PAL = Power Assisted Liposuction

Price may vary based on type of anaesthetics, location of the clinic or hospital, the
complexity of the procedure and the associated co-morbidities.

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