It is normal for male nipples to vary in shape and size. However, some men have nipples that protrude to such an extent that it makes them uncomfortable. Common problems associated with large nipples include embarrassment caused by nipples seen through clothing such as tight t-shirts. It becomes difficult for patients to take their clothes off, compromising their enjoyment of swimming or beach holidays.

Male Nipple Reduction Procedure performed on 70 year old gentleman

Male Nipple Reduction Procedure

Dr. Vadodaria’s perspective on increasing cases of gynecomastia procedures

Protruding nipples can also be a source of regular pain and irritation as they rub up against clothing while running or exercising.

Some women also choose to undergo nipple reduction surgery for the same reasons, where the large nipple shows through clothing and causes embarrassment and discomfort, particularly during running and exercise.

Nipple reduction surgery is performed under  local anaesthetic as a day case. Mr Vadodaria uses dissolving stitches so  removal of stitches is not required. The surgery takes approximately 20 to 40 minutes.

Before and after Nipple reduction surgery

Below are examples of nipple reduction surgery performed by Shailesh Vadodaria under local anaesthetic as a day case procedure:

After the surgery

Nipple reduction is performed under local anaesthetic as an office procedure. If a patient is involved in office based work then Mr Vadodaria is very happy for him to return back to work from the next day onwards. Mr Vadodaria uses dissolving stitches, hence stitches removal is not required. Stitches are expected to dissolve on their own accord over a period of 2 weeks.

Mr Vadodaria advises patients to avoid strenuous exercise, contact sports, swimming and weight lifting for a period of 4 weeks. Our office will organise an inspection of the wounds within a weeks time and a further follow up within 6 to 8 weeks time.


As with all surgical procedures, there is the possibility of complications such as scarring (although hardly visible), bleeding, over/under correction, infection, asymmetry, changed sensation to the nipple and a small possibility that a revisional  procedure is required. However, the likelihood of complications following the nipple reduction procedure is very low.


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